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We purchase our broiler chicks from Windy Meadows Family Farms.  We brood the chicks inside for three weeks before placing them in the tractors to grow out the rest of their days.  The tractors keep the birds safe from predators since broilers are too heavy to roost out of harm's way.  The tractors are moved daily to ensure the birds are given fresh grass and pasture.  This also helps our small acreage to participate in regenerative agriculture; doing what is best for the land.  Our birds are raised naturally with no growth hormones or antibiotics ever.  

The Crowded Roost png (2).png


We purchase day old bronze turkeys.  Upon arrival they are brooded and cared for indoors for 3 weeks.  Then we move them to an outside pen where they stay for another 3 weeks before letting them out to range wild and roost where they please until time to harvest them.  This allows us to mimic nature and let turkeys do what they were meant to do; run wild.   

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