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Our Story

Raising Pastured Poultry 

Since 2020

It all started with a tom turkey the boys had hatched and raised getting a little aggressive with mom and sister.  Needless to say, we had a quarantined-home-school-lesson on processing a turkey the next day.  We saved him for Thanksgiving, and we were absolutely tickled with the flavor.


"Why not do this every year?...Let's get more birds!...I think other people would buy birds knowing where they came from!" Those were the thoughts that progressed into The Crowded Roost. 


Our Family

Local Family Farm

Dad is an agriculture education teacher and mom is a fifth grade teacher in southeast Oklahoma. We have been blessed with three super cool, amazing kiddos.  

We enjoy being together as a family outside.  At the barn working, at the pond fishing, in the garden, or at the doesn't matter.  We just enjoy being together!

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